After Paris, 2015 How do we talk about our different religious beliefs, violence, war and peace?


L-R:  Dalia Moahed and Dr. Matthew Sheadle

Monsignor Sullivan focuses JustLove this week on the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks and the enormously changed environment for understanding religious diversity, violence, war and peace. On this week’s show. Dalia Mogahed, Director of Research for the Institute of Social Policy talks about the attacks and the recently staged airstrikes against ISIS. Dr. Matthew Shadle, Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Marymount University talks about how France and the international community are responding to those attacks from a Catholic perspective.


Learn About Two Catholic Social Activists: Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton

L-R: Paul M. Pearson and Robert Ellsberg

Monsignor Sullivan speaks with two guest who are familiar with the lives of Catholic social activists. Paul M. Pearson, Director and Archivist for the Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY talks about his research and work based on Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk and writer. Also on the show is Robert Ellsberg, Publisher at Orbis Books. He talks about Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker Movement.

Vatican Statement on Paris Attacks


VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Here is a translation of a statement issued by the director of the Holy See press office, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, shortly after the terror attacks in Paris Nov. 13.

Here in the Vatican we are following the terrible news from Paris. We are shocked by this new manifestation of maddening, terrorist violence and hatred which we condemn in the most radical way together with the Pope and all those who love peace. We pray for the victims and the wounded, and for all the French people. This is an attack on peace for all humanity, and it requires a decisive, supportive response on the part of all of us as we counter the spread the homicidal hatred in all of its forms.

Let Us Pray…


Find Out Creative Solutions Used To Solve Homelessness on JustLove


L-R: Heidi Powers and Dr. Jim Withers

Monsignor Sullivan speaks with guests Dr. Jim Withers, Founder and leader at Operation Safety Net and Heidi Powers, Founder and Director of Collide NYC. Dr. Withers, talks about what inspired him to go out and help the homeless. While Heidi Powers discusses with Monsignor how her organization helps homeless individuals and their companion animals.

Find Out How Team Catholic Charities is Running to Support the St. Nicholas Project


L-R: Brian Allen and Mark Murphy

This weekend’s  show will focus on Team Catholic Charities participating in the TCS NYC Marathon and raising money and awareness for the St. Nicholas Project. The two guests being interviewed are top fundraisers for Team Catholic Charities, Mark Murphy and Junior Board member Brian Allen. The Junior Boards very own will talk about this year’s St. Nicholas Project Shopping Day, which is being held on December 12, 2015.  Team Catholic Charities member, Mark Murphy, will discuss his motivation for running in the marathon and his feelings about raising money for St. Nicholas Project. 

Listen to JustLove to Learn About Violence and Mental Health


L-R: Jeff Swanson and Peter Read

Msgr Sullivan invites  guests Jeff Swanson, Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University and Peter Read, retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and Government Consultant to discuss issues surrounding mental health and violence. Jeff Swanson focuses on gun violence and untreated mental illness in the United States. While Peter Read talks about progress in gun laws.