The UN & Future Global Leaders

Wade McMullen & Suzanne J. Currie

Wade McMullen & Suzanne J. Currie

On JustLove Monsignor Kevin Sullivan welcomes guests Wade McMullen, Managing Attorney at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights (RFKHR)and Suzanne Currie, Executive Director of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award USA-New York Metropolitan Area. Msgr. and Suzanne will be discussing the work of the Awards Program and how it helps young people reach their full potential whatever their circumstances by equipping them with new skills, confidence, and motivation to become productive global citizens and leaders. Msgr. and Wade will be discussing the initiatives of the RFKHR and how some of their work is based on UN goals.

Prayer for Those in Authority
( + My Modified Prayer)




God in your holy word Paul asked his friend Timothy, his peeps (aka faith community at Ephesus) to give thanksgiving as they pray for those in authority.

So there must also be a prayer request you are sending me today.

O.K., but God, cut me a little slack; I’m having a hard time with the thanksgiving part.

I’m not feeling much thanksgiving these days for those in authority, especially the political kind and I’m certainly not feeling like giving much thanks for this crop of wannabe’s, aka candidates.   (God, you could have done better on that score – IJS.)

And as for those in authority from all parts of the world who are gathering nearby at the United Nations, I’m not giving thanks for the amount of progress they are making toward world peace.  Sometimes it’s so little progress that I’m tempted to think their main purpose must be to disrupt our traffic, buses and parking for the two weeks they’re around.

So I’ll pray as Paul asks, but I’m modifying my prayer to suit my mood and, maybe, I hope my prayer is on target for the needs of our times.

So, Lord, I lift my up my hands without anger or argument and offer my prayer of supplication for all in authority and for all those who seek to be in authority and power. Lord, they need your help, so we might live in tranquility and dignity. Lord, I pray for those who gather at the U.N. as they strive to foster peace. Even if peace is too big a reach, at least may they find ways to reduce violence, terror and the displacement of people.

Lord when I pray that “WE,” may live tranquil lives, I mean our families, our neighbors, our nation and your entire world.

Lord, I want to make sure you know that even though it’s hard and sometimes I don’t always act on it very well – the “WE” of my prayer also includes those who:

  • disagree with me;
  • are different than me;
  • speak different languages or come from different countries;
  • have different social views;
  • call you by a different name than I do, and
  • God, this may be hardest, I even pray for Boston Red Sox fans.

God I include all these because I cannot truly live in peace and live in dignity if others do not.

Lord, I know this is a big ask but you are a big God and you have a good team: Father, Son & Spirit– God, please get to work on it. We need you.

Lord, let me end simply:

Lord may those in authority, now, and in the future, in the United States and in every country of the world lead us to live lives in tranquility and dignity.



The Republican Party


Avik Roy & Msgr. Kieran Harrington

On JustLove, Monsignor Sullivan focuses on The Republican Party  during this election season with guests Msgr. Kieran Harrington, Vicar for Communications at the Diocese of Brooklyn and Avik Roy, Opinion Editor at Forbes. On the show Msgr. Kieran Harrington talks about the Republican National Convention. Whereas, Avik Roy, Opinion Editor at Forbes discusses the Republican party and race relations.

Key Points from
Labor Day Mass 2016


Here are some basic interconnected points from the homily of this past Labor Day Mass:

As members of one world, each of us, therefore, has the responsibility to better that world.

Labor union is a good example of solidarity in the workplace to build a better world, a better economy in which the dignity of workers is respected and decent wages and benefits are paid.

As we endeavor to build a better external world, we need to look inside ourselves to change as necessary to create a better heart and spirit within us so that goodness might flow from our interior lives.

The Democratic Party


Stuart Appelbaum & Christina Greer

On JustLove Monsignor Sullivan speaks with two guests about the Democratic Party during this presidential election. On the show, Christina Greer, Associate Professor of Political Science and American Studies at Fordham University talk with Monsignor about poverty in the Presidential elections. Stuart Appelbaum, President of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) revisits the show to talk about the Democratic National Convention.

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Louisiana Flooding


Dr. Skye Cooley and David Aguillard

Hear from experts responding to the Louisiana Flooding on JustLove with Msgr. Sullivan. Listen to Dr. Skye Cooley, Assistant Professor of Public Relations and University of Mississippi talk about the media coverage surrounding the floods. Learn about Catholic Charities response as well from David Aguillard Executive Director of Catholic Charities Diocese of Baton Rouge.


Paying Close Attention to the 2016 Presidential Election Not So Much; Too Soon Enjoy the Beach!!!


I reiterate my unsolicited advice about the 2016 Presidential campaign noise. Forget about the polls, shake-ups, resets, cash-raised, etc., etc., until after Labor Day. It’s all mostly noise at this stage.

However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about the critically important policy issues that we face as a nation. There is much work to be done to foster the common good and build compassion and justice. I encourage reading the 2-page introductory note from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops document on political responsibility: Faithful Citizenship. The document provides good background, and lists the major issues we face as a nation. They are issues worth thinking and praying about. Much is at stake.

When fall comes, and the leaves change colors, we can turn to all the rest. Those things will begin to matter more, and be informative – somewhat. For now, enjoy the rest of your summer.

Digital Connections


Left to Right: Bruce Snell & Javier Barrera

On JustLove, Monsignor Sullivan speaks with two guests who focus on the digital world:  Bruce Snell, Cyber Security and Privacy Director at Intel Security and Javier Barrera, Co-Founder of Trip180.  Hear Javier Barrera, talk about how his organization is a peer-to-peer marketplace for nonprofit organizations to share their volunteer opportunities around the world. Bruce Snell also talks with Mosignor about an internal security study which compares Millennials and Gen X’ers activities.