What Are The Ethics of Debt? Find out on JustLove


L-R: Jonathan B. Wight & David R. Cameron

On JustLove this week, Jonathan B. Wight, Professor of Economics at the University of Richmond talks about his book, “Ethics in Economics” and the ethics of debt. Also on the show is David R. Cameron, Professor of Political Science and Director of EU Studies at Yale University. He talks about the European Union and the recent European economic crisis.


On Just Love, Hear About Two Organizations That Are Helping Children With HIV/AIDS


L-R: Meghan Frederick & Mary Martin Neopald

Hear Meagan Frederick, Director of Development and Public Relations for Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) talk about how the center has been providing care for children with HIV/AIDS since 1988. ICC is an affiliated agency of Catholic Charities.  Also on the show is Mary Martin Neopald, Founder of the Nyanya Project. She talks about her skills training program for grandmothers in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania who are raising their orphaned grandchildren who have HIV/AIDS.

On JustLove Listen to Msgr. Sullivan Speak with Guests About Sustainable Development on a Global Scale


L-R: Melany Grout & Ana Martinez de Luco

On JustLove Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Ana Martinez de Luco, Founder of Sure We Can and Melany Grout, an attorney and Land Tenure Specialist of Landesa Center for Women’s Land Rights. On the show, Ms. Martinez de Luco talks about her her not-for-profit that is a homeless-friendly redemption center. Melany Grout discusses with Msgr. about Landesa’s Rural Development Institute.

Find Out Why We Celebrate Independence Day on JustLove


L-R: Jaspen Boothe & Kenneth C. Davis

This week, JustLove guests, Jaspen “Jas” Boothe, Founder of Final Salute Inc. and Kenneth C. Davis, author of “Don’t Know Much About” historical book series, speak with Msgr. Sullivan. On the show, Msgr. Sullivan focuses on how Final Salute Inc. carries out its mission of providing homeless female veterans with safe and suitable housing. Kenneth C. Davis touches on uncommon topics surrounding our country’s independence such as: Why is independence day celebrated on July 4th instead of July 2nd?

Tune into JustLove to Hear About Healthy Habits Then and Now



L-R: Mara Wedweck and Suprina Berenyi

On JustLove  Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Mara Wedweck, Co-Founder of PopFit Kids about her FUNctional fitness program dedicated to building life-long healthy habits for kids. Msgr. Sullivan also speaks with Suprina Berenyi, Founder of Suprema Gourmet about the health related benefits of the dietary codes in the Old Testament.

Tune into JustLove to Hear About the Current Situation with ISIS


L-R: David C. Speedie and Sister Diana Momeka

On this week’s JustLove episode,  guests  discuss the current situation with ISIS abroad.  Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Sister Diana Momeka, Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Sienna, Iraq. Sister Momeka describes the situation with ISIS in Iraq and what listeners can do to help. David C. Speedie, Director of U.S. Global Engagement Program, is also on the show and he speaks with Msgr.  about ISIS’ expansion in the Middle East and the UN’s fears.


“Scherenschnitte” and “Nunatak” – Spell Check Won’t Help

“Scherenschnitte”  and “nunatak”  were the final winning words of the National Spelling Bee contest for co-winners, Vanya and Gokul.

Just for fun I did a quick spell check.  My spell checker failed.  It highlighted both words as misspelled and with no suggested correction.

For the record – I cannot spell them, I do not know what they mean. I cannot use them in a sentence.  …And, I don’t really feel too bad that I can’t.

So I declare one little victory for human teenage brain power over  machine error!! — Maybe this also suggests just a tad more hesitancy when we hear or use the phrase: “that’s the answer my computer gave me.”

Read more in the Wall Street Journal.


Learn About Freedom of the Press and Today’s Media Landscape on JustLove


L-R: Danielle Weisberg , Carly Zakin,and Vanessa Tucker

This episode features three guests: Danielle Weisberg , Carly Zakin, founders of  the Skimm and Vanessa Tucker, Vice President of Analysis at Freedom House. On the show, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Vanessa Tucker  about how her organization  has been dedicated to the expansion of freedom around the world since 1941. Msgr. Sullivan also speaks with guests, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, on their  e-newsletter and their thoughts on today’s media landscape.

Hear About What Is Being Done in Nepal on JustLove

L-R: Edmond and Bonafice

On JustLove Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Gary Edmond, President and CEO of Food for the Hungry about his organization helping those in Nepal. They also discuss combating hunger and  the spread of foreign aid.  Also on the show is Fr. Boniface Tigga SJ, Regional Superior, at the Nepal Region of Patna Province of the Society of Jesus. They discuss Fr. Boniface’s work helping those in need.