Celebrate Women’s History Month with JustLove

L-R: Charlene Espinoza and Dr. Lisa Schirch

Celebrate Women’s History Month with JustLove. Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Charlene Espinoza, founder of the The Bosh Bosh Project. The organization works with volunteers who have substantial experience working in rural Liberia or other rural parts of Africa. Also on the show is  Dr. Lisa Schirch, Director of Human Security for the Alliance for Peacebuilding. Monsignor and Dr. Schirch discuss what initiatives can be taken to ensure women are a part of the peace building process.


On Justlove Hear About: Overcoming Obstacles in the March to Justice: Selma to Detroit

Raymond Rafferty and Ike McKinnon

L-R: Raymond Rafferty and Ike McKinnon

Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Ascension Church’s Rev. Raymond Rafferty. They discuss overcoming obstacles in the March to Justice while touching on the films, Selma (2014) and Timbuktu (2014)– highlighted in this year’s academy awards.  Also on the show is Deputy Mayor of Detroit, Isaiah McKinnon. Msgr Sullivan speaks with him on Selma.

On JustLove Hear About the CNEWA & ISIS

Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Msgr. John E. Kozar, President of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association ( CNEWA). Also on the show is John L. Esposito, Professor  at Georgetown University. Both guests speak with Msgr. Sullivan on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria- an extremist Islamist rebel group and current events surrounding the Middle East.

Start Off This Lenten Season By Learning About Fasting for Fast Food and Backpacking with the Saints on JustLove

This week Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Sr. Mary Priniski, Chapter Prioress for the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Adrian Dominican Sisters  about Fasting for Fast Food. Also on the show is Saint Louis University Professor, Belden Lane. They discuss backpacking with Saints

JustLove Ash Wednesday, 2015

photo 1Today’s Jeopardy answer is:

  • Marc Anthony
  • Cardinal Dolan
  • 400 homeless men
  • Jenny McCarthy
  • Treadmill
  • The MARC Hotel
  • Burnt old palm
  • Bread & wine
  • All of the above

photo 2The question is:

What made up my Ash Wednesday, February 18, 2015?

Here are your clues:





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Albany Day: Not a Caribbean Junket!

Believe me – Albany in February is not a junket to a Caribbean Island!  Much thanks and appreciation to all the Catholic Charities people who made the trek in menacing weather earlier this week to speak about the needs of very vulnerable New Yorkers to our elected and appointed New York State officials.  About 75 Catholic Charities leaders from Montauk to Niagara Falls spoke about the need for New York State to continue and enhance its commitment to provide help and create hope for New Yorkers in need of assistance to live their lives in dignity.  We spoke about basics: a safe affordable place to live and sufficient nutritious food.  We talked about the protection and nurturing that children need when tragically families do not provide these.  We mentioned those with disabilities – made in God’s image and likeness – who need a little or a lot of extra help to live their lives with dignity.  That’s why we went – even as many of our conversations dealt with the technicalities of government contracting, funding, and regulations – necessary to ensure accountability.  (NB I’m not endorsing every regulation and in fact much of our focus was how to cut the red tape while maintaining control and accountability.) Continue reading


Finding God’s Wisdom & Spirit
Sunday A.M. Church or Sunday P.M. Grammys
My bet’s on the Grammys this week.

I don’t watch award shows -usually – but… Sunday night I did turn on the Grammys. Don’t know why – maybe God’s grace (cf Katy Perry’s “By the Grace of God”). I became captivated and then mesmerized by the spirituality that was pervasive. There was the obvious, Beyonce’s “Precious Lord” and others. However, it was three songs and performances in close proximity that provoke me to make a blasphemous wager. I’m betting there was more spirit, soul and wisdom on Sunday evening at the Grammy’s than on Sunday morning in many Churches. Check out the lyrics and performances of these three – Kanye West, Madonna, and Katy Perry.

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Getting from Here to There: It’s more than transportation – It’s about the common good, or bad!

NYCT_R142AThree recent events – so different – that I hesitate to group them – caused me to think about something we often times take for granted and don’t think about how it links us all together – for good or for ill – transportation and specifically public transportation.

The three dissimilar and non-equivalent events –  – the fatal tragic accident on Metro-North outside of NYC; the 15 minute lateness of a personal trainer for her session at the gym and my moving only a few miles from behind Columbia University to in front of Grand Central.

The commuter train accident:  Lives were lost in an instant in a tragic accident.  Seemingly all train systems and personnel were functioning well.   We will never know, this side of heaven, the thought process and decisions of the SUV driver at the center of the accident.

Ordinary Subway delay: A hardworking, intelligent, conscientious no-longer-recent immigrant scheduled an early morning fitness training session with an early rising client – only to be thwarted by a subway system with unforeseen and unexplained delays.  Not a tragedy – but cast a negative karma over the whole day, because she was counting on the reliability of her subway line.

My Moving: not very far, but far enough to force me to use new subway routes.  The result has been a re-awakening of a long-held belief in the intricacies, extent and sophistication of the NYC subway system. It gets you to walking distance to almost every part of NYC.  Caveat – there are places particularly outside of Manhattan that it does not go, some areas have sparser service and many times a bus ride is needed to compliment the subway to get to the desired destination.

Disclaimer – we who have lived for many years in Washington Heights, Harlem Heights and now Midtown always need to be conscious there are 4 boroughs of NY other than Manhattan.

So here’s my three-point take on this:

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