• Welcoming and Integrating Immigrants and Refugees

    Listen to JustLove This Week to Hear About Catholic Charities Unaccompanied Minors Program and the Emergence of Multicultural Parishes

    On this week’s show, hear Monsignor Kevin Sullivan speaks with Margaret Martin, the Supervising Attorney of Catholic Charities Community Service’s Unaccompanied Minors Program and its response to the recent border crisis. Also on the show is Hosffman Ospino, Assistant Professor of Theology and Education at Boston College, School of Theology and Ministry. On the show they discuss the emergence of multicultural parishes and how parishes are adjusting to in the increase of Hispanic parishioners.

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    Engaging the Secular and Sultry in Search of the Spiritual

      I am not a big concertgoer, but I’ve been to a few over the years – symphony halls, subways, Cathedrals, parks, fields, stadiums, street corners, etc… I’ve found the sacred ones less holy & the secular ones more spiritual than anticipated. I like the crowds as much as the performances. I am particularly fascinated by the nexus between secular pop culture and faith, values and religious things. Church rituals are imitated and morphed beyond recognition in pop concerts. So, when a ticket to Beyonce’s (and JayZ’s) “On the Run” tour became available through a worthy friend, I said, yes, yes. From reviews of this tour and Bey’s recent album,…

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    A National Crisis Hits Home for Catholic Charities

    #103504359 / gettyimages.com The dramatic increase in unaccompanied minor children fleeing their homelands for safety in the United States has sparked political and humanitarian concerns.  Best information indicates more than half of these children are seeking reunification with family members.  Two-thirds are escaping violence and other threatening situations that are grounds for relief under standard immigration rules. This current situation requires a multi-faceted approach: a humanitarian response to the plight of threatened children in the best tradition of our country; sound policies that respect individual rights and ensure a safe and secure border; and an effective system to adjudicate claims in a timely, humane and fair manner. Providing humanitarian help…