Listen to JustLove This Week to Learn About the Connection Between Mental Health Disorders and Addiction


L-R: Thomas A. Hendrick Jr. and Fr. Michael Tueth

On JustLove this week, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Fordham University Film Professor, Fr. Michael Tueth  about late actors Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Also on the show is Thomas A. Hendrick Jr. , Director of Parents Support Network & Senior Program Officer & Founding Member The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. They discuss the connection between mental health disorders and addiction.

Tune In to JustLove This Week to Hear About the Current Situation in the Holy Land and the Recent Outbreak of Ebola

justlove8-13-14Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor, Bethlehem University and Amjaad Musleh, Bethlehem University student and Catholic Charities USA intern. Also on the show is Dr. William Schaffner, Professor of Preventative Medicine & Infectious Diseases, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Tune In to JustLove This Week to Hear What It Is Like to Be Part of Civil Rights History and Learn of Helpful Services for Persecuted Christians Overseas

On JustLove, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Dave Dennis, J.D., Civil Right Leader, Veteran of the Mississippi Freedom 50th and CEO of the Southern Initiative Algebra Project. They discuss what it was like to live part of Civil Rights history. Also on the show is Jerry Dykstra, Director of Media Relations at Open Doors USA. They talk about the services provided to persecuted Christians overseas

Tune in to JustLove This Week to Hear About the Work of USAID and the Hetrick-Martin Institute


L-R: J. Mark Brinkmoeller and Thomas Krever

On this week’s show, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan speaks with Thomas Krever CEO of the Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) and J. Mark Brinkmoeller Director of USAID Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives. Thomas Krever discusses the services of Hetrick-Martin and how it cares for at-risk and fringe-youth populations.  J. Mark Brinkmoeller discusses  how the Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives aims to end poverty and promote civil society and security.