Check Out JustLove to Know How Beauty Calls Us to Justice

Mural from Diana Fogarty at Splashes of Hope

Want to know what it means to create beauty as the work of justice? Then tune in to JustLove this weekend. Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Gonzaga University Professor Patrick T. McCormick and Diana Fogarty, Mural Artist at Splashes of Hope. Diana Fogarty speaks with Monsignor about transforming spaces, enriching environments and art therapy. Patrick T. McCormick talks with Msgr. on how beauty calls us to justice.

Celebrate Women’s History Month with JustLove

L-R: Charlene Espinoza and Dr. Lisa Schirch

Celebrate Women’s History Month with JustLove. Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Charlene Espinoza, founder of the The Bosh Bosh Project. The organization works with volunteers who have substantial experience working in rural Liberia or other rural parts of Africa. Also on the show is  Dr. Lisa Schirch, Director of Human Security for the Alliance for Peacebuilding. Monsignor and Dr. Schirch discuss what initiatives can be taken to ensure women are a part of the peace building process.

On Justlove Hear About: Overcoming Obstacles in the March to Justice: Selma to Detroit

Raymond Rafferty and Ike McKinnon

L-R: Raymond Rafferty and Ike McKinnon

Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Ascension Church’s Rev. Raymond Rafferty. They discuss overcoming obstacles in the March to Justice while touching on the films, Selma (2014) and Timbuktu (2014)– highlighted in this year’s academy awards.  Also on the show is Deputy Mayor of Detroit, Isaiah McKinnon. Msgr Sullivan speaks with him on Selma.

On JustLove Hear About the CNEWA & ISIS

Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Msgr. John E. Kozar, President of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association ( CNEWA). Also on the show is John L. Esposito, Professor  at Georgetown University. Both guests speak with Msgr. Sullivan on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria- an extremist Islamist rebel group and current events surrounding the Middle East.