Find Out How Team Catholic Charities is Running to Support the St. Nicholas Project


L-R: Brian Allen and Mark Murphy

This weekend’s  show will focus on Team Catholic Charities participating in the TCS NYC Marathon and raising money and awareness for the St. Nicholas Project. The two guests being interviewed are top fundraisers for Team Catholic Charities, Mark Murphy and Junior Board member Brian Allen. The Junior Boards very own will talk about this year’s St. Nicholas Project Shopping Day, which is being held on December 12, 2015.  Team Catholic Charities member, Mark Murphy, will discuss his motivation for running in the marathon and his feelings about raising money for St. Nicholas Project. 

Listen to JustLove to Learn About Violence and Mental Health


L-R: Jeff Swanson and Peter Read

Msgr Sullivan invites  guests Jeff Swanson, Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University and Peter Read, retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and Government Consultant to discuss issues surrounding mental health and violence. Jeff Swanson focuses on gun violence and untreated mental illness in the United States. While Peter Read talks about progress in gun laws.