• JustLove,  Strengthening Families and Resolving Crises

    Orlando & Gun Control

    This weekend on JustLove, Monsignor speaks with guests to discuss recent events surrounding the Orlando Shooting.  On the show James Jacob, Professor at NYU School of Law speaks with Monsignor, about gun control.  And Gary Tester, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Central Florida talks about what the organization is doing to support the local community.

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    Solidarity Orlando

    Embed from Getty Images   Toward the end of June, cities across the United States including New York will see a number of demonstrations of gay pride. Orlando adds greater poignancy this year. Words may be cheap, but silence can be costly. Let me express a few words of solidarity with LGBTQ communities. Solidarity: against hate, for love; against violence and death, for peace and life; against hurting, for healing; against divisiveness, for reconciliation; against exclusion, for inclusion; against despair, for hope; against hate, for love. This is my basic prayer and hope. I add a few thoughts from a religious perspective on words, actions and solidarity. At times the…

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    Being Green & Sustainable Consumer Products

    On Justlove  Monsignor Kevin Sullivan  speaks with experts involved with environmental sustainability through consumer products and conservation of resources. On the show,  Michael Stausholm, CEO and Founder of Sprout World talks about his organization and the Plantable Pencil – pencils that turn into flowers, plants or vegetables when planted into soil. Also on the show is Lisa Skumatz, Principal at Skumatz Economic Research Associates and Project Manager at Econservation Institute. She talks about how the NYC Bag Tax can reduce litter and cause the public to consider reusable bags.

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    Flag Day, 2016 Musings of a
    Political Neo-Cynic

    Summertime and the Politics is Easy: Ignore Everything & Tune Out Until After Labor Day So Flag Day, 2016… We have the Presidential nominees – the most disliked ever! We do not yet have the VP candidates, but who cares. I know, one heartbeat away…, but I repeat: who cares? We’ll deal with that sad contingency if we have to. One prediction about the VP choices: Each presidential candidate will declare his or her pick the most qualified. The pundits will chatter about which demographics they attract and thus which states they’ll help to carry. Wanna bet otherwise? We will have the conventions – great for the local economies – Yeah…

  • JustLove,  Welcoming and Integrating Immigrants and Refugees

    Fair Labor & Farm Workers

    JustLove covers  topics surrounding fair labor standards and farm workers  with guests Librada Paz, Mexican-American activist for the rights of farm workers and Board Member of Rural & Migrant Ministry, Inc. and Sachin Pandya, J.D., Professor of Law at the University of Connecticut. On the show, Pandya speaks with Monsignor about changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act regulations. While Paz talks with Monsignor about the 2016 March for Farm Worker Justice.

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    Understanding Mental Health

    On JustLove, Monsignor Sullivan speaks with two guests who specialize in mental health. Hear Glenn Liebman, Executive Director of the  Mental Health Association of New York City talk about subject within New York City. Also on the show is licensed clinical psychologist, Glen Milstein who is also an associate professor of psychology at City College of New York. On the show, he talks about clergy outreach and professional engagement.