“I was sick, and you visited Me”

Tip of the Day:

Visit a friend in the hospital, nursing home or homebound.  At least call him or her.

Verse of the Day:


Bible Readings for Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Lent


Reflection of the Day:

Our words are not as powerful and miraculous as Jesus telling a man to pick up his mat and walk, but let’s not underestimate the healing power of solidarity with someone who is ill and suffering. Emotional or psychological isolation and separation are added burdens to many who are struggling with serious illnesses.


Stop Worrying and Just Thank God

Tip of the Day:

 Listen to Hallelujah


Bible Readings for Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Reflection of the Day:

Periodically it’s worth taking time off from complaining about trials and tribulations, worrying about problems and asking for things we think we need. God gets tired and so do we.  Both God and we need a break.  Now mind you, complaining, worrying and asking are legit – and we better do them a lot, but not incessantly. Reflect on one or two good things that have happened to you recently – even if you are generally going through a bad time. Say a simple thank you God and praise his name.  It will make you feel better.            



Announcing Jesus Coming to Mary – Take a Break from Lenten Practices

Tip of the Day:

What’s the Lenten practice this year that’s the hardest for you: Hanging with God, Discipline or Helping Others?  Don’t worry about it today.  Today, you can take a break from it.  It will give you renewed incentive to begin again tomorrow for the second half of Lent.


Bible Readings for the Fest of the Annunciation on Saturday of the Third Week of Lent


Reflection of the Day:          

No reflection today – I’m taking my mid-Lent break also! 


Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Tip of the Day:     

Think of somebody in a difficult situation – maybe a neighbor, maybe a relative, maybe a stranger whom you pass on the sidewalk or by the side of the road. Don’t just walk by today or put off reaching out until tomorrow.  Reach out as you would like to be helped if you were in that difficulty situation. 


Verse of the Day:   


Bible Readings for Friday of the Third Week of Lent


Reflection of the Day:    

We religious people, many times, make religion too complicated.  It’s good that God bursts through and calls us back to basics: Love God a whole lot and love each other as we want to be loved. Sometimes, I don’t exactly know what it means to love God.  I’m not sure if I should buy Jesus a birthday present on Christmas.  Should I send God a Valentine’s Day card? So I’m still figuring that out.  I do know what it means to love others, so I’ll concentrate on that.  Because even though I know what it means – most of the time, it still isn’t easy and I don’t always get it right.  But as I keep trying, I realize again this is part of the way that I actually keep the first commandment of loving God. God doesn’t expect a Christmas birthday present, but does expect us to love one another. We can do this year round, but Lent is a great time to get this on the right track.

Remembering International Down’s Syndrome Day & Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Kristy Chau & Katie Driscoll

On this week’s JustLove episode, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan speaks with Katie Driscoll, Founder of Changing the Face of Beauty and Kristy Chau, Education Director of the Kennedy Child Study Center, a Catholic Charities affiliated agency.

On the show, Katie Driscoll discusses with Monsignor her founding of Changing the Face of Beauty, its successes so far, and what her hopes are for the future of including people with differing abilities in all facets of the mainstream media. 

Msgr. Sullivan and Kristy will be discussing her work at the Kennedy Child Study Center, where she directs all activities at 16 classrooms serving the developmentally disabled, ensuring that each student receives an education that is appropriate for his or her educational, socio-emotional, and physical needs. 


Focus on God and NOT on You

Tip of the day:

Take 15 minutes to read the Bible today.  In the first 5 minutes read both Jeremiah 7:23-28 and Luke 11:14-23. In the next 5 minutes pick one verse that strikes you and think about it the last 5 minutes to figure out one concrete way you will follow up on that verse.


Verse of the day:


 Bible Readings for Thursday of the Third Week of Lent


Reflection of the day:

Thanks to the printing press the Bible became the all-time bestseller. I haven’t yet seen the comps on the e-version or social media fronts. It’s o.k. that the Bible doesn’t top Beyonce’s prego announcement breaking the one-day Instagram record.  I’m betting on the Bible’s staying power long after Bey’s kids are grown. (No offense meant to Bey or her kids.) Despite its popularity, getting at the Bible’s meaning takes effort. You can’t put it under your pillow and get the message through osmosis. You need to open the book, or download the file and READ or LISTEN to it. There is no other way. Sorry. And because it was written a long time ago some of it is hard to decipher – and not to mention it’s a long book.  O.k. all this is true, but the Bible is life-giving, so it’s worth the discipline of reading and listening to it. What I don’t get, I’ll let God fill in the blanks.  It’s worth the discipline.


Discipline Leads to Happiness & Fulfillment

Tip of the day:

Pick a particularly difficult commandment today and focus on keeping that command for the whole day.  See how much more alive you feel at the end of the day.

Bible Readings for Wednesday of the Third Week of Lent


Reflection of the day:

Our world sometimes seems torn between obsessions with either “spring breaks” or “spas.” For a Gemini like me, I enjoy the wonderful contrasts.  “Spring breaks” stand for allowing anything and everything.  All forms of restraint are abandoned, which leads to happiness, fulfillment and renewal – or so the ads would have us believe.  Another set of ads tout the “spa” approach. Come for a week or two of deprivation and regimentation and, at the end, a “new you” will emerge – happy and fulfilled.  In a more moderate version, most of us tend to gravitate toward the “spring break” approach to life: less restraint will make us happier and more fulfilled.  Lent suggests we rethink that a bit: a healthy dose of discipline leads to happiness and fulfillment.  It’s worth mentioning that the “big fulfillment” – the resurrection – came through Jesus’ discipline of the cross.  IJS.

Have Mercy & Forgive

Tip of the day:

Pick someone near-by who has hurt you and forgive. It’s best if you can say that word directly to the person. If not, then at least begin to say mercy in your own heart.

Bible Readings for Tuesday of the Third Week of Lent


Reflection of the day:

Mercy and forgiveness are among the greatest gifts of love we can give to help another. Portia in Shakespeare’s, Merchant of Venice has said it better than most,

The quality of mercy is not strain’d,

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:

It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

Enough said.


Let God Speak

Tip For Today

Make your communication with God today aimless. Let God take the lead and take you in the direction He wants.  Save your “asks” of God for another day. You just might be surprised with what God has to offer to you. 


Bible Readings for the Feast of St. Joseph on Monday of the Third Week of Lent


Reflection for Today

At work, I often ask people who propose a new project or idea, “Why are we doing this? What are we trying to achieve?” Sometimes similar questions are also worthwhile to ask about our praying.  What’s on my mind?  What am I praying about?  Sometimes, yes, but not always!  There is another part to praying.  Coming to God with a “blank slate” and letting God write on it.  Being patient, non-directive and waiting on God can be really frustrating and challenging because God speaks in his timeframe and his way.   A little daydreaming is a totally acceptable way of praying and waiting on God.  It’s less of a distraction than an opening for God to talk to us in ways that we may not have been expecting.  Our bosses and colleagues at work can sometimes get a little bothered by our daydreaming.  But God kind of likes it – it gives him space to get a word or two in.