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    A Small Detour During My Trip in Germany

      I am currently in Germany.  Why?  I am here to give a talk for a conference on the Catholic identity of Catholic Charities in Berlin. But there’s more.  This year is also the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation being marked in Wittenberg, a small town about an hour south of Berlin. This still medieval-like town, now called Lutherstadt Wittenberg is where Martin Luther posted his famous 95 theses on the door of Castle Church n 1517 that started the movement. So I decided to “eavesdrop” on the pilgrimages being made to Wittenberg for an overnight a couple of days prior to the Conference.  I love when a “non-plan”…

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    JustLove’s Earth Day Show

    This week’s JustLove broadcast is focused on Earth Day 2017. Joining the show to talk about this annual event are two guests: Richard Fuller, President and CEO of Pure Earth, an international non-profit based in New York dedicated to solving pollution problems in low and middle income countries; and David R. Shuffler, Jr, Executive Director of Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, a Catholic Charities Affiliate.  Msgr. Sullivan and Richard will be speaking about the work of Pure Earth, and how the cleanup of environmental pollution is one global problem that has very achievable solutions.  David R. Shuffler, Jr. will be covering his the South Bronx based youth organization, which is dedicated to rebuilding the neighborhoods which…

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    JustLove’s Easter Show

    On this week’s broadcast of JustLove, Monsignor Kevin speaks with two guests about Holy Week and Catholic Social Teachings.  Andrew King-Dabs  a British television producer and director, and the creator and scriptwriter for “Manchester Passion”- a modern take the Passion of Jesus Christ set to pop music. Andrew’s piece originally broadcast on the BBC back on Good Friday in 2006. Msgr. Sullivan and Andy will be discussing his original vision for “Manchester Passion” as well as its continued resonance as it is restaged in various countries and venues; “The Passion” has since been restaged 6 times in the Netherlands, as well as a major production held last year in New Orleans on Palm…

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    Holy Thursday: What It Means Today

    Lent is over and now we begin to celebrate these three most sacred days that commemorate the center of our Christian faith. Paying homage to our Jewish roots, we begin after sunset “on the night before he died,” and keep a modified vigil. Tomorrow, we will lift high the cross. On Saturday & Sunday, we will light the Easter flame, discover anew the empty tomb, and proclaim for ourselves and for the world that he is not among the dead, but here, with the living. For this reason, it is important that we not get distracted today by some of Holy Thursday’s evocative traditions. Some still dwell on the ordained…

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    Last Day of Lent

    Tip of the Day:             Use your tongue today to speak a gentle, not condemnatory, words of encouragement to someone who seems down or depressed.    Verse of the Day: Bible Readings for Wednesday of Holy Week    Reflection of the Day: It is profoundly tragic that the last day of Lent is referred to as Spy Wednesday after Judas, the traitor who takes his own life in remorse.  This makes the celebration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus even more compelling. Out of the depths I cried….  And the Lord heard my cry…

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    Stay the Course Through Holy Week

    Tip of the Day: Recommit to making the time to celebrate the great feasts of the Lord’s Supper (Holy Thursday), Passion (Good Friday) & Resurrection (Easter).   Verse of the Day: Bible Readings for Tuesday of Holy Week   Reflection of the Day: A wise colleague often says, “When climbing the mountain, it’s good to look back periodically and see how far we have come.” Today is the symbolic 39th day of Lent. We’ve come a long way. Only one more day remains of our Lenten discipline before we enter into the great celebrations of our Christian faith.  

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    His Presence is Always Found

    Tip of the Day: Think of a great injustice and ask God to come to right it. Too bold, too much a reach?  Remember it’s God’s world too. He has a job to do.   Verse of the Day: Bible Readings for Monday of Holy Week   Reflection of the Day: There is so much humanity in God’s world. Isn’t that the story of creation? As one of the stories goes, it was God’s garden and He made us humans and put us in it. It was a neat place with lots of good things and everything in order. Then things got messed up by “apple-gate” – as I like…

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    Thank God for the Kind People

    Tip of the Day: Today, try two quirky random acts of kindness – one in the morning and one in the evening.  Verse of the Day: Bible Readings for Saturday of Fifth Week of Lent   Reflection of the Day: I can figure out two reasons why Jesus annoyed the people of his time.  The first is the traditional understanding.  The political and religious leadership thought he was getting too popular and might usurp their respective spheres of power and authority.  That’s understandable, even if not noble.  But the other reason you and I can relate to.  Sometimes individual who are kind, humble, giving and content can make us jealous,…

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    Do A Good Thing

    Tip of the Day: Do one hard thing for another person today.  It won’t be a “crucifixion,” but a little sacrifice is good thing.   Verse of the Day: Bible Readings for Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent     Reflection of the Day: Healing, feeding the hungry, teaching God’s ways, stories of Jesus that taught the important of helping others.  There’s much more.  Jesus’ whole ministry taught that “doing right by each other” is “doing right by God.”  Fortunately, my experience is that people do want to help each other out and very often do so.  Good Friday teaches us that the time and type of help we…

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    Pass on the Power of Prayer

    Tip of the Day:        Pray for 6 minutes while you listen to the “The Prayer” Verse of the Day:         Bible Readings for Thursday of the Fifth Week of Lent   Reflection of the Day: Abraham is Father and Patriarch to Jews, Christians & Muslims.  God told our Father Abraham that he and his descendants must keep his covenant throughout the ages.  I can’t speak for other ages, but our age is not doing so well.  How can we, the “People of the Book”, betray our roots and our God so often in the way we discriminate and express hate and carry out violence toward those who are not of…