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National Grandparent’s Day and the Feast of the Virgin Mary’s Birthday

On this week’s episode of JustLove, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan talks about National Grandparent’s Day and the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Jaia Peterson Lent, MSW is the Deputy Executive Director of Generations United, a national policy and advocacy organization devoted to intergenerational collaboration in Washington D.C. Jaia is a leading voice on issues affecting families headed by grandparents testified before the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging regarding grandparents raising children on account of the Opioid Crisis back in March 2017. She and Monsignor discuss the increasing number of children being raised by grandparents and other relatives across the country, the reasons for this growth, and what services are needed and/or available to help these “grand-families” provide support for these children in need. If you are a grandparent and need help, or if you know a grandparent who needs help, check out these two resources that will be useful to grandfamilies: and

There will also be an in-studio conversation on the impact of Mary on cultures and people across the globe on the Feast of the Virgin Mary’s Birthday (Saturday, September 8th). This second segment of the show will be an in-studio discussion between Msgr. Sullivan and Fanny Gomez on the significance of the of the Virgin Mary in various cultures and religions. Topics include some things the Quran/Islamic tradition has to say about the Blessed Virgin Mary and a discussion of various versions of the name Mary around the world.

Listen now:

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