About JustLove

JustLove is a multi platform conversation that includes spiritual and secular tidbit reflections broadcast through satellite radio, an online blog and a book-in-progress focused on the connect and disconnect between God, you and me. JustLove is about self-help & God’s help.  Its niche is connecting heavenly aspirations and earthy reality.  Its concern is relevance, not reverence – welcoming God’s help and grace while also pushing self-help and empowerment.  It’s not narcissistic. God and others are integral to   JustLove – kinda a holistic ménage a trios – a three-way of God, self and other loving. JustLove puts forth an audacious belief – and hope – that if we get the right love connects among the dynamic trio of God, you and me we can make you, me and our world better.  And, who knows, maybe we can even make God better (uh, oh – no offense God, – no blasphemy intended – you’re awesome already!)

Nothing is outside of JustLove’s scope music, movies, politics, the Bible, religion, anecdotes, sayings, jokes, random observations – all are fair game.  Here live mystery and problem, complexity and nuance, hope and fear, lots of questions, fewer answers.

ADD BibleJustLove is even willing to take on a risky Bible project: THE A.D.D. BIBLE,  an audacious attempt – for the attention challenged and Tweeters  to capture the core message of the Bible in 25 passages with brief reflections.  Coming shortly!


Msgr. Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities, New York and a few colleagues and friends have been noodling and rolling out elements of JustLove for years.  Now moves to the next multi-platform integrated stage with a simple goal: more people might JustLove God, self and one another & Just Do It  to make our world a better place.

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