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    Thank God for the Kind People

    Tip of the Day: Today, try two quirky random acts of kindness – one in the morning and one in the evening.  Verse of the Day: Bible Readings for Saturday of Fifth Week of Lent   Reflection of the Day: I can figure out two reasons why Jesus annoyed the people of his time.  The first is the traditional understanding.  The political and religious leadership thought he was getting too popular and might usurp their respective spheres of power and authority.  That’s understandable, even if not noble.  But the other reason you and I can relate to.  Sometimes individual who are kind, humble, giving and content can make us jealous,…

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    The Church and Youth & Continuing to Make Lent Great Again!

    On this episode of JustLove, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan will be speaking with  Fred Parrella, Professor of Theology in the Department of Religious Studies at Santa Clara University in California,  and Mehnaz Afridi, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Manhattan College in the Bronx.  Msgr. Sullivan and Prof. Parrella – who has been teaching at the Jesuit university based in Silicon Valley for 40 years – will be discussing the religious faith and practice of today’s college students, and what their often self-description as “spiritual, but not religious” bodes for the future, and what – if anything – can be done to counter this trend. Prof. Afridi – who is also the…

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    Join Your Trial with Jesus

    Tip of the day: Reflect on a difficult, maybe unfair, situation you’re facing.  Deal with it as directly as you can. Stay true to your values and join your trial with Jesus and his cross.      Verse of the day: Bible Readings for Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent  Reflection of the day: It was perfect in the Garden of Eden – not so much since then.  If you want to blame it on Adam & Eve and the apple, fine with me. In any case we live in a world that is not perfect and very unfair at times.  It’s more unfair to some than others, but we…

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    Saint Patrick’s Day & Continuing to Make Lent Great Again!

    On this week’s episode of JustLove, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan will be speaking with two guests focused on St. Patrick’s Day and Lent.  Kyle Clifford, Vice President of Development for The Ireland Fund will be discussing the work of his organization and how it contributes to the development of “peace, culture and charity.” The Ireland Fund is a global fundraising network for people of Irish ancestry and friends of Ireland. It is dedicated to raising funds to support programs of peace, reconciliation, arts, culture education and community development throughout Ireland. Rabbi Jon Leener co-founder of BASE-Brooklyn will be speaking with Monsignor about Lent and the practices of fasting, charity, prayer and service in the…

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    Help Others – Feed the Hungry

    Take a look at today’s reading:  The first reading from the book of the prophet Isaiah 58:7 asks to bestow your bread on the hungry.  Check out the list of food pantries: volunteer, bring some food, say hello to a hungry neighbor in line.  Lots to think about and do: “repairing the breach; delighting in the Sabbath; following Jesus; hanging out with sinners.” Plenty to do today, but these are too many for one day – and somewhat complex.  We’re going to borrow some of these for another Lenten day.