Remembering International Down’s Syndrome Day & Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Kristy Chau & Katie Driscoll

On this week’s JustLove episode, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan speaks with Katie Driscoll, Founder of Changing the Face of Beauty and Kristy Chau, Education Director of the Kennedy Child Study Center, a Catholic Charities affiliated agency.

On the show, Katie Driscoll discusses with Monsignor her founding of Changing the Face of Beauty, its successes so far, and what her hopes are for the future of including people with differing abilities in all facets of the mainstream media. 

Msgr. Sullivan and Kristy will be discussing her work at the Kennedy Child Study Center, where she directs all activities at 16 classrooms serving the developmentally disabled, ensuring that each student receives an education that is appropriate for his or her educational, socio-emotional, and physical needs. 


Saint Patrick’s Day & Continuing to Make Lent Great Again!

Rabbi Jon Leener & Kyle Clifford

On this week’s episode of JustLove, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan will be speaking with two guests focused on St. Patrick’s Day and Lent. 

Kyle Clifford, Vice President of Development for The Ireland Fund will be discussing the work of his organization and how it contributes to the development of “peace, culture and charity.” The Ireland Fund is a global fundraising network for people of Irish ancestry and friends of Ireland. It is dedicated to raising funds to support programs of peace, reconciliation, arts, culture education and community development throughout Ireland.

Rabbi Jon Leener co-founder of BASE-Brooklyn will be speaking with Monsignor about Lent and the practices of fasting, charity, prayer and service in the Jewish Tradition. BASE-Brooklyn is a Jewish Community committed to pluralism and is founded on 3 core principles: hospitality, learning and service. This group is an affiliate of Hillel International and supported by the UJA-Federation of New York


What does HOLY mean?

Write down the first three words that come to mind when you think of the word holy. Are the words about God, me, or someone else? Think about them for 5 minutes. What do these words mean to you? Do any of these words apply to people you know, who you think are holy? What can we do to be more holy people? 

Click here for today’s reading: 

“Speak to the whole Assembly… and tell them: Be holy, for I, the Lord, your God am holy.”

 Holiness means hanging enough with God to let God’s ways and perspective rub off on us.  But God’s a sneaky one.  If we hang with him enough, we’ll figure out he’s always concerned about our families, friends, and even our enemies who need things to live their lives better. 

Two parts: 

  1. We shouldn’t do bad things to them; and
  2. We should do good things when they need something.  

 Hang with God today and ask him to help us all figure out this holiness thing better.


Help Others – Feed the Hungry

Take a look at today’s reading: 

The first reading from the book of the prophet Isaiah 58:7 asks to bestow your bread on the hungry. 

Check out the list of food pantries: volunteer, bring some food, say hello to a hungry neighbor in line. 

Lots to think about and do: “repairing the breach; delighting in the Sabbath; following Jesus; hanging out with sinners.” Plenty to do today, but these are too many for one day – and somewhat complex.  We’re going to borrow some of these for another Lenten day.

Lent & Social Media in the Church

On this week’s JustLove, Monsignor Sullivan kicks off Lent by discussing how it could be observed in 2017.

On the show Sherry Hayes Pierce an Independent Social Media Consultant who helps Catholic parishioners, parishes and dioceses improve their social media skills and incorporate social media in their evangelization efforts through her blog and website Church Social Tips. Msgr. Sullivan and Sherry will be talking about why it is so important to share the faith on our social media pages – especially during Lent – as well as discussing what types of social media posts parishes and dioceses should be posting in order to engage their followers.

 Jacquie Martin a recent graduate of Saint Mary’s College of California in Moraga, California and a LaSallian Volunteer serving at Serviam Gardens will be speaking with Msgr her feelings, belief and experiences regarding the observation of Lent. She’ll also touch on her volunteer experience.

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2017 Oscars and Lent

Sr. Rose Pacatte

On this week’s episode of JustLove, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan will be focusing on the 2017 Oscars and Lent. This week’s guest is Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP. She is Daughter of Saint Paul and Film Columnist at the National Catholic Reporter , as well as the Founding Director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies in Culver City, California. Sr. Rose and Msgr. Kevin Sullivan will be discussing the 2017 Oscars, and sharing their thoughts on some of the films that were nominated, as well as perhaps some films that were not nominated, but ought to have been. They will also share their predictions for 89th annual Academy Awards which airs on this Sunday night, February 26th.

If you want to learn more about the topics discussed on this week’s show, please visit the following links:

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Black History Month & NYC Fashion Week 2017

Jamila Codrington & Graham McAleer

This week on JustLove, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan will be speaking with two guests covering NYC Fashion Week 2017 and Black History Month. 

Graham McAleerProfessor of Philosophy at Loyola University in Maryland and author of  “Veneration and Refinement: The Ethics of Fashion” will be discussing with Msgr. Sullivan the fashion industry. They will be focusing on how an industry dedicated to beauty, celebrity, glamour and style squares up with the social teachings of the Church, and particularly the social teachings of both Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Dr. Jamila Codrington, PhD. a  Clinical Supervisor at Astor Services for Children and Families and an Adjunct Professor at New York Theological Seminary will be. Astor Services for Children and Families is an affiliate of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York. On the show Msgr. and Dr. Codrington will be discussing the impact that the experience of racism and oppression can have on the mental health of people of African descent. They’ll also focus on what are some culturally relevant strategies might be for coping with  individual, intergenerational and community trauma.

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59th Grammy Awards & Lincoln’s Birthday

Alana Massey & Michael Vorenberg

On this week’s  JustLove episode, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan will be speaking with two guests about the 59th Grammy Awards and Lincoln’s Birthday. 

Alana Massey, a writer and essayist, will be talking with  Msgr Sullivan about connections between Pop music/culture and the sacred light in relation to the upcoming 59th Grammy Awards. The Grammys will broadcast this Sunday, February 12th on CBS. She will also talk about her recently published collection of essays:  “All the Lives I Want: Essays about My Best Friends Who Happen to Be Famous Strangers.”

This Sunday is also Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Michael Vorenberg who is Associate Professor of History at Brown University and a scholar of President Lincoln will be discussing what lessons the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln might have to teach us today with Monsignor Sullivan.

Marching for & Defending the Human Dignity of Others

L-R: Jodi Ziesemer & Kristan Hawkins

On this week’s JustLove episode, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan speaks with two guests about the topic of protecting and preserving human dignity.

On the show, Kristan Hawkins, of President of Students for Life of America will be speaking with Msgr. Sullivan about the work of her organization. Recently, Kristan attended the Women’s March on Washington as well as the 44th Annual “March for Life.” They will be discussing her experiences at both marches.

Also on the show is  Jodi Ziesemer, Supervising Attorney for the Immigrant Children Advocacy and Relief Effort (ICARE) and the Immigration Court Help Desk at Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York.  Msgr. and Jodi will be talking about her experiences this past weekend out at Kennedy Airport in New York City including responding “on the ground” to travelers who were affected by President Trump’s January 27th Executive Order. This order restricts immigration from seven Muslim majority countries, suspends all refugee admissions for 120 days, and bars Syrian refugee admissions indefinitely.

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Catholic Charities Centennial

L-R: Brendan Ryan & Bill Baccaglini

This week’s episode of will kick-off JustLove’s year-long, on-going commemoration and celebration of Catholic Charities Centennial. On the show, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan will be speaking with Brendan Ryan, Trustee of Catholic Charities NY and Chairman of Draftfcb. Msgr. Sullivan and Brendan will be talking about the Centennial, the legacy of service provided by our 90 affiliated agencies throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley, and Catholic Charities commitment to a New Century of Help and Hope. Also on the show is Bill Baccaglini President and CEO at the New York Foundling, an affiliated agency of Catholic Charities. The New York Foundling is is one of New York City’s oldest and largest child welfare agencies providing over 20 different services to 27,000 children, families and individuals each year. Bill will be speaking with Monsignor about one of Catholic Charities Centennial Initiatives: “Dorming For Success” – a new groundbreaking college dormitory program that addresses the financial, social-emotional, and academic barriers to college success among youth in the Foster Care System.

To learn more about the topics covered on this week’s episode, visit the below links:

– The New York Foundling’s Website 

– New York State’s  Higher Education and Services Corporation – Youth In Care’s Paying for Higher Education web page 

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