CatholicCare and Creating Opportunities for Refugees

L-R: Joe Caddy and Wissam Kahi

L-R: Joe Caddy and Wissam Kahi

On this week’s episode of JustLove, Monsignor Sullivan speaks with two guest whose work focuses on refugees. Hear Wissam Kahi, Co-Founder and COO of Eat Offbeat, a food service that delivers ethnic meals prepared by resettled refugees. And also listen to Joe Caddy, CEO of CatholicCare Sydney talk about disadvantaged refugee communities in Melbourne, Australia.


Listen To Learn About Current Migration Issues and Religious Freedom


L-R: Katrina Lantos Sweet & Susan Mary Weishar

Monsignor Sullivan focuses JustLove on current migration issues. On the show, Dr. Katrina Lantos Sweet, Commissioner of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom talks about the correlation between religious freedom, stability and security. Susan Mary Weishar, Migration Specialist/Research Fellow at the Jesuit Social Research Institute talks about how refugees are vetted for resettlement to the U.S.

Listen to JustLove This Week to Hear About Catholic Charities Unaccompanied Minors Program and the Emergence of Multicultural Parishes


R-L: Margaret Martin and Hoffsman Ospino

On this week’s show, hear Monsignor Kevin Sullivan speaks with Margaret Martin, the Supervising Attorney of Catholic Charities Community Service’s Unaccompanied Minors Program and its response to the recent border crisis. Also on the show is Hosffman Ospino, Assistant Professor of Theology and Education at Boston College, School of Theology and Ministry. On the show they discuss the emergence of multicultural parishes and how parishes are adjusting to in the increase of Hispanic parishioners.

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Left to Right: Candida Moss and Elvis Garcia Callejas

On this episode, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Candida Moss, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. Also on the show is Elvis Garcia Callejas,  Catholic Charities Community Services Case Manager of the Unaccompanied Minors Program of New York.

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Left to Right: Cesar Chavez & Patrick Carolan


This week Monsignor Sullivan speaks with Paul Chavez, son of Cesar Chavez and current President of the Cesar Chavez Foundation about his father’s legacy, the new film currently in theaters, and the continued social work of the foundation. Also on the show is Patrick Carolan of the Franciscan Action Network who speaks about the Fast4Famlies national bus tour for immigration reform.

Tune in to JustLove This Week to Hear About Former US Presidents as Part of President’s Day and the Importance of Welcoming Immigrants


Left to Right: Robert Merry and Mayor of New Haven John DeStefano

On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan speaks with Robert Merry, author of “Where They Stand: The American Presidents in the Eyes of Voters and Historians,” about the American Presidency and how to evaluate former US Presidents. Also on the show is former Mayor of New Haven John DeStefano who speaks about his city’s Municipal ID Card initiative and the overall importance of welcoming immigrants to our country.

House Republicans Announce Immigration Reform Principles: Let the Negotiations Begin

Cardinal's Visit St. Rita's 122308 063The next step has been taken to fix our nation’s broken immigration policies with the release of the House Republican’s immigration reform principles.  I was present at Capital Hill last spring when a bi-partisan group of Senators made an earlier step forward by introducing Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation. The Senate later passed  this as a bill on June 27, 2013.

The Senate’s steps last year – while positive – did not bring us to the end of the race.  The House’s steps towards immigration reform – while positive – remain principles, not an approved bill and a long way from becoming law.  These differ greatly, but I am not prepared at this stage to say irreconcilably.

At least there is acknowledgment that specific issues need to be addressed.  From my perspective, one of the values of the House’s reform principles is that they identify most of the critical issues facing our nation’s immigration system.  I also believe strongly that the ways they propose to address these issues need much debate.  They also, in my judgment, fall short in certain important areas of comprehensive solutions needed and articulated by many including the Catholic Church.

Having said that, I say let the debate and negotiations begin.  Clearly the bill already passed by the Senate is more concrete.  The House principles still need to be translated into legislation.

I suggest that a good place to begin negotiations is for both sides to stipulate two things:

  1.  Nobody in this debate is reading from their private tablets of Commandments delivered by God from the mountaintop.
  2.  Nobody’s positions have been inspired by the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

A positive outcome, while not assured, is necessary.  There are many interests and many strongly held positions that at least on the surface seem almost impossible to reconcile.  But sides have been further apart on other issues and the process of genuine negotiation has produced results unimaginable at the outset.

So let the negotiations begin in earnest.  The continued strength of our nation – for immigrants to the United States and native-born Americans – depends upon it.