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    Jesus Forgives You and Loves You

    The powerful trio of guilt, blame and responsibility all occupy the same emotion space in our psyche. Well, maybe not exactly the same, but pretty close. Sometimes they even impersonate one another and engage in identity theft. So here’s how I like see them and separate them. (Note: I’m not saying this is THE way to see them, just my way.) Guilt is what I feel about myself when I do something wrong. Blame is what I impute to another when they do something wrong. Responsibility is what I accept for my actions and their consequences. I am not going to spend a lot of time teasing this out or…

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    Don’t Focus on Mistakes

    Reflection: God has an easier time forgiving us than we have forgiving one another, and even forgiving ourselves.  Many times it’s difficult to simply stop doing something wrong, without substituting something positive.  Focusing on a different and better future is more effective than simply lamenting or obsessing over the mistakes (sins) of the past.  Spending some time reflecting on the past to learn and accept responsibility is far different than obsessing and being paralyzed from past missteps.     Tip: If you have a hard time doing something good for someone whom you do not like, instead find someone you do like and do something extra nice.  Remember the father…

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    Stop Worrying and Just Thank God

      Reflection of the Day: Periodically it’s worth taking time off from complaining about trials and tribulations, worrying about problems and asking for what we need things. God gets tired and so do we. Both God and us need a break. Now mind you complaining, worrying and asking are legit – and we better do them a lot, but not incessantly. Reflect on one or two good things that have happened to you recently – even if you are generally going through a bad time. Say a simple thank-you God and praise his name. It will make you feel better.     Tip:           Listen to Hallelujah   Click here for…

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    Do A Good Thing

    Tip of the Day: Do one hard thing for another person today.  It won’t be a “crucifixion,” but a little sacrifice is good thing.   Verse of the Day: Bible Readings for Friday of the Fifth Week of Lent     Reflection of the Day: Healing, feeding the hungry, teaching God’s ways, stories of Jesus that taught the important of helping others.  There’s much more.  Jesus’ whole ministry taught that “doing right by each other” is “doing right by God.”  Fortunately, my experience is that people do want to help each other out and very often do so.  Good Friday teaches us that the time and type of help we…

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    Pass on the Power of Prayer

    Tip of the Day:        Pray for 6 minutes while you listen to the “The Prayer” Verse of the Day:         Bible Readings for Thursday of the Fifth Week of Lent   Reflection of the Day: Abraham is Father and Patriarch to Jews, Christians & Muslims.  God told our Father Abraham that he and his descendants must keep his covenant throughout the ages.  I can’t speak for other ages, but our age is not doing so well.  How can we, the “People of the Book”, betray our roots and our God so often in the way we discriminate and express hate and carry out violence toward those who are not of…

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    The Truth Will Set You Free

    Tip of the Day: Listen to a classic rendition of the civil war “Battle Hymn.”  Try to re-imagine it as an anthem to truth and freedom in Jesus.   Verse of the Day: Bible Readings for Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Lent Reflection of the Day: The most difficult part of a difficult situation can be the fear that an embarrassing, or even shameful, situation becomes known. We are frequently surprised that the world des not end when the truth becomes known.  Even though it’s rocky and painful for awhile, it most times is liberating and freeing – especially when we remain with Jesus during these times.

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    Let God Carry You

    Tip of the Day: Reflect on the hardest thing you want to stay true to or to avoid.  Give that over the God and let God carry you steadfastly through today.  Verse of the Day: Bible Readings for Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Lent  Reflection of the Day: Sprinters are usually more fun to watch than marathoners.  They definitely appeal to my attention span.  We need their bursts of energy to inspire us and get us going, but we also need to recognize that most things require more than a sprint.  And there is no contradiction between the two.  Even marathoners sometimes have to inject a short-term burst of…

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    The Cross of Jesus Provides Hope

    Tip of the Day:   Say a prayer for a person you feel has treated you unfairly – even if he or she is still doing so. Verse of the Day:        Bible Readings for Saturday of Fourth Week of Lent  Reflection of the Day: As it gets closer to Holy Week, we focus more closely on the terrible price that Jesus paid to win our salvation.  This is not a “pretty” part of the story of our salvation.  It is profound, central and essential.  The movie, The Passion of the Christ, a few years ago was a bit too gory for my tastes, but it left no doubt of the…

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    Join Your Trial with Jesus

    Tip of the day: Reflect on a difficult, maybe unfair, situation you’re facing.  Deal with it as directly as you can. Stay true to your values and join your trial with Jesus and his cross.      Verse of the day: Bible Readings for Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent  Reflection of the day: It was perfect in the Garden of Eden – not so much since then.  If you want to blame it on Adam & Eve and the apple, fine with me. In any case we live in a world that is not perfect and very unfair at times.  It’s more unfair to some than others, but we…

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    Be Your Brother or Sister’s Keeper

    Tip of the Day: Help somebody whose need I have been ignoring and rationalizing by saying it’s not my problem.  Be your brother or sister’s keeper, but, don’t be condescending.   Bible Readings for Thursday of the Fourth Week of Lent    Reflection of the Day: Sometimes God lets his anger out and let’s us know he’s fed up with us not listening to His commands.  If we examine ourselves we know it’s true.  And sometimes we concentrate so hard on avoiding what God tells us not to do that we forget that he bulk of his commands have to do with treating each other well, especially when someone is…